Hello? Is this thing on?

Oh hey, look, my blog still works! Even after weeks of neglect. Go figure.

I've been very absent, in case you noticed. A lot going on. I really need to start blogging again, more regularly. I think I can, now. There have been so many cobwebs in my mind, does that make sense? I have been on twitter and facebook and flickr, but for some reason just had this mental block about blogging.

In a way I wish I could make this blog more, I don't know, private. I have been feeling a little paranoid lately. But I don't want to do that, it defeats the purpose in a way.

I have so much to blog about! I'm still not smoking, I have cheated on my diet, I haven't been going to the gym quite as often as I'd like, but kickboxing tonight so hopefully I will get out of that slump! My family and I went to New York City and it was AWESOME, I've cut all ties with my sister and my parents and I have been fighting about it, I've been getting panic attacks, I've been in and out of a crazy depressed sort of funk, seeing a shrink again, the list goes on and on.

I'm feeling a little sad even as I type this. Hoping the kickboxing will take care of that.

I've been trying to do more reading, I'm planning on another attempt at a vegetable garden this summer. So many things to blog about!!

I am back, for good, I promise. I can't wait to get caught up on my favorite blogs out there, too. I always find inspiration, things I can relate to, etc.

For now, I'm off to kickbox this damn depression right out of me!


    On April 12, 2010 at 6:39 PM Anonymous said...

    I saw all your tweet about family issues. You can always come do an anonymous post on my blog if you need an outlet!


    go kick depressions ass!

    and congrats on the no smoking thing. really, that is too awesome!!!


    SO happy to have you back :)


    I hope the kickboxing worked. Exercise often helps get my mind out of a funk.


    No guilt for not blogging. Blogworld is here for you whenever you need! You have alot going on but you are using your resources to cope. You're doing great!


    Welcome back, I've thought of you often when I click on your blog. Kudos for not smoking through everything. that is terrific.

    I find even more freedom to speak in the comments I leave on others blogs. On my blog, I know my father and my children read it.

    Have your best kickboxing ever.


    Blog when you feel you can, there's no pressure - we'll be right here whenever you are able to come and write ((hugs))


    You commented a while ago on my blog, interested in Nia. I used Nia as a way to get out of feeling yucky and depressed and angry, etc etc... Kickboxing will certainly work too! :) Moving and expressing it physically. Self expression is for self expression, period.