It's Time For... Random Tuesday!

This makes me think of the kids show icarly, and their infamous RANDOOOOM DAAANCING thing. Have you seen that show? It can be annoying, but it can be funny, too. I love Spencer, though I guess I am a little old for him now. Haha. Well, it's been a while since I have participated in Random Tuesday, and I have a lot of random things to say. So now would be a good time!

My husband is in Boston. He goes there for work sometimes, and it kinda sucks. Luckily, he will be gone until tomorrow night. That's a plus. Too bad I had to get up at 4 freakin' o'clock in the morning to drive him to work to meet the car pool to the airport. Ah, the joys of being a one car family!

I was bad this morning. I had corned beef hash for breakfast. Probably one of the most unhealthy things on the planet, and some might say one of the most disgusting. I'm Irish, what can I say? It's soooo yummy. In my defense, I had a very, VERY small helping of it. And I had an incredible edible egg, too. No toast or juice, coffee and a nice tall glass of water. I feel like If I deprive myself too much I am just setting myself up for failure, ya know? I will behave the rest of the day.

I haven't touched my new guitar yet. It needs new strings. I'm pretty excited still, because I am going to not only be teaching myself, by my daughter as well. Maya has had her own little acoustic guitar for years now, and she wants to learn to play, too. We will learn together!

The local flight training school is having a free learn to fly day! No, you don't get to learn how to fly for free. It's kind of like an open house, and there will be seminars and crap like that. Plus, discounted discovery flights! It isn't until May 15th, but I AM SOOO THERE!

This weekend, I am going to quit smoking. For real. For good.

I have to work tonight, and I can't wait because I have some film I want to process, and because I am going to eat sushi at work. Sushi is uber yummy, and pretty healthy, too!

And that is all for this weeks edition of RAAANDOM TEUSDAAAAAAY!


    when icraly first came on, i thought, oh this show could be cute. but then i started seeing the same episodes over and over again. now when it comes on, i went to put a gun in my mouth.

    although, it is better than that zach and cody crap on the disney channel.

    On March 2, 2010 at 11:54 AM ~ifer said...

    I have to admit I have a somewhat embarrassing tendency towards liking Disney kids shows like that... and I don't have kids to blame it on...


    Self deprivation IS bad. Moderation is key. :)
    I'm glad you're going to quit smoking this weekend!
    Also, we are a one car family. It was fine when my husband worked the night shift, but he is on the day shift now. So, SAHM has a new not so much fun meaning.


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    this is how i write letters. totally random thoughts like this.

    p.s. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I TOTALLY appreciate that. :)


    mmmm I love me some corned beef hash too! So good!


    My grandson likes to watch iCarly. I don't know what it is about Disney shows (perhaps they have some subliminal messages in there that hook the kids in).

    I LOVE Corned beef. In fact I may just post a recipe on Friday in honor of St. Patrick's day.

    Thanks for your randomness,


    Mmmmm... sushi...


    Oh, I so love sushi too! You have so much going on! I hope you are successful with quitting smoking. A friend of mine quite 'cold turkey' about two weeks ago, but he started right back up again after about a week. The flying thing sounds fun!

    On March 3, 2010 at 7:16 AM Anonymous said...

    Wow! Busy lady! I tried to take up guitar a few years ago and have a dusty Martin to prove it! Maybe when my three year old is ready to learn I'll try again! Love your new layout! Good luck with quitting smoking! I'm sure you'll find it makes your exercise efforts easier as well! My husband quit cold turkey when we first got married (7 years ago!) I think he got tired of smoking by himself!


    Oh wow the fight thing sounds made for you. Best luck with the smoking. Each cigarette less is a help.