Torture Chamber Gym...

I'm back from the gym, after taking the day off yesterday. No trainer today, and I think I was a little easier on myself than I should have been. In my defense, at least I went. Plus, I'm still really, really sore from Monday. Also, I didn't know what to do!!

I know for strength training, I need to work different parts of the body different days. I don't know most of the equipment, which parts to work together, how much weight or how many reps, how many pieces of equipment to do in one visit, etc. Sigh. I wish I could have afforded to sign up for the trainer for a while.

I tried doing some research, looking for free plans online, and couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. I need something that is going to tell me to do this machine, this machine, and that machine on this day with this much weight and this many reps, and how the hell to USE the machine! Haha. And then tell me when to increase reps or weight or whatever.

Strength training, from what I have learned, is important. Yes, you need cardio. I know how to do cardio. So many options. But I'm lost with the weights and what not. Even the one session I did have, left me with more questions than answers. I bet they do that on purpose, to get you to sign up and pay for more training!!

Today I did a little bit of the strength training. Some arm things and shoulder things, and some ab thing. Then I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. Walking. And that' it. But, it's something!!

I can still barely walk down the damn steps. It's ridiculous, really. One day for working out and for days I can't walk down steps without wincing in pain??

The good news is, my headache seems to be gone for now! Such a good sign. Still haven't had a drop of pop. Drinking lots of water!! And eating better, too. In fact, right now I am having a lean turkey sandwich, on whole wheat bread, with tomato and brown mustard, no cheese. And cucumber slices on the side. And water!!

Well, if anyone can point me the direction of some (free) info and really good beginner strength training work out plans, let me know!

And thanks for all the support!! I feel so much better even knowing I have taken this step!


    Ok, so here's my story about caffeine and headaches. A long while back (maybe 10 years or so), I dropped caffeine cold turkey, for a variety of reasons. I actually went without any form of caffeine for 3 years (and yes, that included absolutely no chocolate for 3 years). After the initial week or so of absolute hell and headaches, they went away. As a chronic migraine sufferer, for the first time, I actually had very few headaches. I would get headaches like a normal person, instead of pain triggered by every "too-bright" light or too strong smell, or too loud noise. For three years, I lived in relative pain-free bliss. But I couldn't take it anymore, and I had to have some chocolate. I decided that life was meant to be enjoyed, and the way I was choosing to enjoy it was by eating some chocolate :)
    Unfortunately for me, my body is an "all or nothing" kind of system, and I either have to have no caffeine at all, or I have to have a large amount of it to keep the headaches at bay.

    Moral of this novel of a post: Yes, giving up caffeine can have a big impact on your body. It just wasn't worth it to me, in the end.


    Ouch! I am very proud of you for making it to the gym. I did nothing today. :( But I am inspired by your post, so will start tomorrow. (I think I've been saying this for a while!) Incidentally, I had luck a few years back with the Body for Life program. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much out there for this program that is free. However, I think you can probably get the book on Amazon for pretty cheap. Yes, I just checked, you can get a used Body for Life book for seventeen cents. The basis of the program is rotating your workout. You do cardio one day, strength training the next and you take one day a week off to do whatever you want, including eating whatever you want. Okay I've rambled on. sorry. got carried away! good luck!


    Congratulations! Excellent getting yourself back there and working out. I'm glad you don't have any headaches.
    I don't know any plans to recommend. When I had a session with a trainer, he worked for a Y. I told him form the start I wasn't going to the gym. It was a 45 minute drive each way.
    So he set me up with a program I can do at home with weights, resistance bands and a ball. I like it because he devised the program around what I need and am willing to do.
    I wondered if part of the gym trainer's job is to sell you on more services.
    In my daughter's neighborhood there is a personal trainer who works privately with people. She usually goes to their home. I wonder if there is a private trainer who would give you the info that you want.
    I know when I used to go to the gym I kept increasing how much weight I used and I bulked up some. Later a gorgeous slender woman told me to do more reps with lower weights to keep from bulking up. Also be gentle. I have injured myself with weight machines by pressuring my body, trying to achieve results faster.
    Easy does it and enjoy yourself.


    great job! congrats! my theory on working out and taking care of yourself etc. is just moderation in all areas (except maybe cut out the pop/caffeine for now until you are no longer addicted)...then allow yourself some as a treat now and then to go along with your healthy eating...take days off when you need to but really any activity...walking, climbing stairs, gardening, etc. is good without worrying about doing it right or doing happy for you!


    Get yourself a copy of Julian Michaels book, "Winning by Losing." She includes workout schedules for each and every day. She has you focus on different parts of the body each day, giving others a rest. The book has illustrations of how each exercise should be done properly.

    I made copies of the pages and carried them with me to the gym.

    Let me know if you get it and if it works for you.