My legs are killing me, my head is killing me. I haven't had a drop of Mt. Dew, or any other pop or soda or whatever you call it, for 2 days now. It's making my head very angry and my head is taking it out on me, in the form of very severe pain. And my legs, Ugggh, did I mention my legs? They hurt. Baaaaad. Very bad.

That is all.


    I got on the Wii Fit for an hour yesterday - free step - after being away for 47 days [so said the trainer]. I hurt today. I'm thinking about doing it again - after I get back home from the bank and the fabric store.


    Oh no - I keep trying to give up the cola. So far it's not worked! But if you've managed 2 days already then stick at it - it can only get better!