Her Name is Norma, Norma the Guitar.

Look what I got!

It's guitar! I found it at goodwill for a really, really good price!! It needs cleaned, and needs new strings, but I think it will do just nicely.

I have always wanted to learn how to play. I used to be able to play a few songs, I had friends who played and they would show me how to play. And I played! We also played guitar in music class in Jr. High, and I did pretty well.

I'm not sure why I waited until I was 30 to actually try to learn how play and read music. But, better late than never!

It says Norma on her neck, so, I named her Norma. I'm a dork like that!


    Norma is beautiful :) Good luck on learning to play, and I fully expect some videos of you playing something for us in the near future.


    Yes, videos! :)


    That is awesome! I am glad you found her and have given her a good home. Have fun. :)


    Welcome Norma, yes videos will be excellent.


    so jealous! i've always wanted one and wanted to learn how to play...envisioned myself as this hippy chick emotionally bellowing out ballads as i strum along and make up my own songs but i realize there is a lot of work involved to get to that point! enjoy and i'll live vicariously through you for now...


    Best wishes. :)
    Hope u enjoyed playing guitar. :)


    I love how a find like that can totally rock your mood. Reading blogs it seems many of us are down, in part to the weather. I hope Norma and you become very good chums.


    YAY for the new guitar! I just got a keyboard and I'm trying to teach myself to play piano! Good luck to you!