Getting My Ass Kicked!!

In a good way! Guess what I did today!! I WENT TO THE GYM!!!

I've had this gym membership for months, months. And I hadn't gone at all. Until today! I had a free session with a personal trainer, too. And WOW. I wish I could afford to have a personal trainer all the time!!

It was brutal while I was doing it, but man, I feel soooooo much better now. I feel proud for actually going to the gym, as silly as that sounds. I went. Yay me! And I feel proud that I actually did what he wanted me to do. It was awful, and I would have given up, and not pushed myself at all, if he hadn't been there. And I feel good because, you know, exercise and endorphins and all that crap.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sore. I will be even more sore tomorrow, I'm sure. But I DID IT! Woohoo. I am more motivated than ever to stick with it now.

I really, really want to do kick boxing. I feel like, I'm probably not going to be able to do it right away. It's intense, it's hard, and I learned just how horribly out of shape I really am today. But I want to try, and keep going, and stick with it. The kick boxing classes there are included in my membership. The trainer I was with today said he can do some boxing with me, too. One on one, more at my pace at first. But I'd need to sign up for the trainer program.

I want to do that, but ugggh, money! It always comes down to money. I think it would be really good for me, to have a trainer. Even if it's just once a month. But it's expensive. I might be able to swing it, but coming up with the initial sign up fee will be tough. And not sure I could justify that to my hubby.

The trainers know stuff, though. They design programs, and track your progress, and make changes based on your needs, they keep you motivated and pumped up, etc etc etc. There are all these routines, and you have to build muscle in order to burn more calories, blah blah blah... it all seems sort of complicated. It would be nice to have a set plan, you know? Specifically designed for me. And it would be cool to learn how to box. :)

Well, we'll see!


    That's fantastic! It does feel good to push yourself physically, endorphins and all. :^) Kickboxing is something I would LOVE to do, but the money! Eeek! Plus, I live in the middle of nowhere so I'd have to do a lot of driving.
    I'm really happy you went and worked out today! It's so cool to read about how excited you are.


    Kickboxing is a lot of fun , i did it for about 4 mnths last year and im planning to join again ..if only i could get my hubby to do the same ..


    Way to go! Keep it up!


    Yeah you!! As for the trainer, I'm a cheapo. Is there a friend who will join you in this. The buddy system is invaluable. And look online. There are tons of workout programs where they have the set routines and even ways to track your progress... for free!


    Congrats. good job and you had an interesting blog post to write about it.
    I had a session with a trainer once. It was terrific. I still do the routine he set up for me.


    That's great, good job! :) It doesn't sound silly to say you're proud for going to the gym.

    Trainers are AWESOME!!!!! I had one a couple of years back, and it totally makes a difference. Be on the look out for promotions going on at your gym, they'll usually have a deal at some point or another. : )