Oatmeal, Tea, Lemon, Honey

No, not a recipe!

I feel like a teenager again. Because of my SKIN. Uggh.

It looks bad. Really bad. Acne, red blotches, scars, inflammation.

I've never had the best skin, but this is just ridiculous.

So I've been researching some home treatments. Oatmeal masks, steamed tea bags, lemon juice, honey. Tried the oatmeal and tea bags, and now I am typing this with dabs of honey all over my face.

I really just want to redness and grossness to go away!! It isn't helping my state of mind these days!!

There are a lot of things I need to get done, must find the motivation to do them. Maya's room looks like world war 3, for one thing. I usually either just clean it myself or help her clean it, but I think I am going to make her do it this time. We need to clean out her fish's bowl, too. She has a Beta fish named Thunder who seems to be quite invincible!

There's laundry to do, our room. The downstairs is fine, we did a lot of that over the weekend. The bedrooms disaster zones!

Maya is off school again today, and I think I need to leave the house. She has $20 burning a hole in her pocket, and she is just dying to buy a Super Mario Wii guide / cheat book. I feel like it's a silly thing for her to spend her money on but she has wanted it for a long time now, and the game store is right by the starbucks... I could really go for some starbucks!!

I still haven't given my Hubby his Valentine's Day card. I feel awkward and silly now, I don't know. I want to thank you guys for leaving such wonderful comments about V Day and all my whining and all the compliments! Cheered me up!

And to answer one of the questions, no, I don't think my Hubby reads my blog. He could, it's not a secret or anything. I just don't think he does.

For my photo of the day yesterday, I was going to take that just looked like nothing... all black, nothing there, just an empty space, and title it: "What I Got for Valentine's Day" hahahaha.... but I didn't. Couldn't bring myself to do it, as funny as that would have been!


    I'm sitting here reading blogs...and directly behind me should probably be some kind of caution tape, because my house is a WRECK. This is the case more days than not.
    My skin is awful, especially in winter. If I wash it even with the most gentle of soaps, it gets all angry and red. Sigh. Starbucks will make you feel better.


    Ok, I bet you didn't read this about clearing up your skin: Use egg yolk. I swear by it!

    My mom told me about that little trick back when I was in HS, and yeah, it's messy and kinda gross, but it works. Just separate an egg yolk from the whites, and dabb the yolk all over your skin, especially your problem areas. Let it dry, then rinse off. You'll need to do this for at least several days straight, more like a week, so see an improvement, but you should see one.

    Hope that helps! And yes, go get a Starbucks! : ) That helps everytime!! *HUGS*


    My skin has been on and off bad for the past year or so. I finally gave in and went to a dermo. Rosacea! It's terrible in the winter, getting extra dry and really red, but the meds to generally work.


    That is pretty funny about the photo. A sense of humor really makes things better.
    If I stay away from white flour my skin doesn't break out.
    Good luck with the house cleaning. I say ugh, my inner child likes to do it with loud music. She thinks she's in a swifer commercial.


    I just read this and thought I'd pass it on.



    i've always had bad skin (to the point of being on accutane in high school) and still do...so this isn't coming from someone who has "solved" this problem...but i have noticed improvement when i can keep up on drinking a LOT of water all day long (especially 30 minutes before meals and 2.5 hours after) and watching what i eat (less greasy food, more veggies), more sleep, get a handle on stress (ha! easier said than done!) and finally, using a good face wash/cream like proactiv (i use a generic version...just be sure there is salycylic (sp?) acid in it)...good luck! my poor 4 year old is already breaking out! :(