Snot, Snot, and More Snot.

My snot topic was so popular yesterday that I decided use it in the title of this post. I am still sick, yuck. I think it may be getting better, but we'll see. Ok, well the rest of this post doesn't have much to do with snot. In fact, it's almost a repeat of random Tuesday, just a hodge podge of everything!

Maya doesn't have school tomorrow. Again. She has been off all week! I don't think she will be back until Tuesday, unless they use Monday for a make up day. Which means no Valentine's Day party, which sucks because I love buying stuff for Valentine's Day! I love helping her make Valentines, putting together treat bags, yadda yadda yadda. Maybe we will get lucky and they will reschedule the party? I hope so!

Maya is 9 and has recently been given her own E-Mail account, closely moderated of course. She has since been e-mailing everyone, her grandparents, her cousins, me
(when I am at work - it goes right to my phone) and her dad (when he is at work). It's pretty cute! she hijacks my laptop constantly! But it's still very cute.

Do you think she is too young for a Net Book? Haha. By the way, I DO think she is too young for a Net Book. And a cell phone. Although, as far as the cell phone thing goes, I suppose a case could be made for safety reasons... ah well. She isn't getting one, regardless!

And now, here's a hint about tomorrow's blog post: I will be ranting and and venting about something that really, really irritated me today!

P.S. Let me know what you think of the new layout. I can't decide if I like it or not!


    sorry you are still sick...i like the tree on your layout...hope to mail out valentines with my daughter tomorrow...i was thinking with the cell phone they have those ones where you can only call 3 numbers or something (you can choose who those would be)...


    Interesting new age tech challenges with children. I say go with what works for you.
    Get better soon and enjoy Valentines Day.


    hmm... since you asked for an opinion, I will give one, but please understand this is just my personal preference. I am not a big fan of the white blogs. The white screen kinda hurts my eyes. I like the green though. Overall, what really matters though is what YOU think of it. Does it make you happy to look at?


    I've a house full of snot too :( My youngest two are suffering terrible colds. The oldest woke up with a stomach ache [which I suspect as more to do with a math test than with actual sickness]. I have one healthy kid...

    I have to get myself out on the roads today to pick up Valentines cards for the girls to take to school as well as some cards for their cousins and an Uncle whose birthday card is going to be late.

    My boys are 11 & 13 [birthdays are just around the corner too] and they're asking for cell phones. I don't see the point. If I drop them at the library or at the school, sometimes I'll give them my phone and have them call the house when they're ready to be picked up. I see 5 year olds in the neighborhood with phones and I just wonder WHY ;)

    Hope you feel better.


    Hope you get to feeling better! I like the new layout, it makes me think of spring time and not all the snow that is outside!!


    Sickness stinks. I think you should make valentines even if Maya misses the party. Could be a good inside activity. I like the tree. I don't like the white. I like you. I like your blog.


    Great post, as always :) I dread the day Chipmunk asks for a mobile phone (he's 7 and has already asked for and been refused a laptop!).

    As far as the layout goes, I love the design, but think the background needs to be less stark...maybe a soft, paler green or something. It is very different from the last one, and so will take some getting used to for you and your readers, but it's always good to try new things!

    Regardless, I love you and your writing, so the look of the blog comes a firm second to that! :D

    On February 11, 2010 at 5:50 PM Anonymous said...

    I hope you get better soon and I'm glad the daily meme was able to give you a creative boost.


    I like the touch of green in your layout and i hope ur feeling better ..