365 Project Updates!

I haven't updated any of my 365 Project photos for a while, so here we go!

Day 33/365 ~ Charming!
My daughter's charm bracelet, because isn't is pretty?

Day 34/365 ~ Good Fortune
This? Is so true!

Day 35/365 ~ Color
Beautiful flowers,in a flower shop... because all I see outside are the colors white and gray.

Day 36/365 ~ Primanti Bros Sandwich!
For those of you who are not from Pittsburgh: Yes, french fries and coleslaw on a sandwich. SO. YUMMY.

Day 37/365 ~ Snow Day!
The first day of the now infamous Blizzard of 2010.

Day 38/365 ~ And, More Snow.

Day 39/365 ~ Frost Bite
The frost was soooo pretty on all of the tree tops!

Day 40/365 ~ The World

Maya and I put together this globe puzzle during one of our many snowed in days.

Day 41/365 ~ Kid at Play!
She made a carnival on the coffee table. I <3 her imagination!

Day 42/365 ~ Moxie Girl on the Tech Deck Skate ramp with Squishy Animals.
'Nuff Said.

Wow, that's a lot of photos! Maybe I better not wait so long to post them next time!


    I especially love the snow ones.


    fantastic pictures!


    The charm bracelet! I love it. Wondering, are you old enough to have had one of those in plastic? With all the super colorful plastic charms? I had one and loved it.
    Your pictures are gorgeous and inspiring. My new camera arrived today, so soon I will be doing lots of picture taking.


    Seriously? eBay?! Because guess what I'm doing RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. I'm looking for those plastic charm necklaces. Don't outbid me.


    That sandwich looks amazing :) Love the photos.


    I love the charm bracelet! Great pictures of the snow too. I wish I had taken some here before all the plows and salt got to it, turning it yucky and brown!


    I love your perspective. Would you care if I printed any of your pics to have around my home? I don't want to infringe on your copyright, just want to add elements around the house that make me smile :)


    That globe puzzle is one of the best gifts for kids (and adults too)


    I love how vibrant the colors are. : ) And I adore the charm bracelet! : )