It's the Nyquil Talking.

Yes, that's right. I am writing this weeks edition of Random Tuesday in a Nyquil induced stupor. I took it like, over an hour ago. Yeah. I feel like I'm drunk and going to pass out on the keyboard at any second, so bear with me if this is completely, uh, incoherent. Good thing it's Random Tuesday, eh?


I have a cold. A very nasty, yucky, snotty, coughy (is that even a word? Well, it is now!) cold. At least now you know I don't just take Nyquil for the fun of it, anyway. Well, not often that is...

(Totally joking about that one)

(Or am I?)

(YES YES, I am!)

Things are still a snowy, slushy, cold and icky mess around here. It was kind of fun at first, and the picture taking was just awesome. But I'm so over it now. I need green grass and hot sunshine beating down on my face. I need short sleeves and flip flops. Swimming pools and Sun Screen. I am officially THROUGH with Winter. Hear that, Winter?? I AM DONE WITH YOU! GO AWAY! SCAT! GET OUT!

I freakin' LOVE banana chips. (This random thought brought to you by: The fact that I am, at this very minute, eating banana chips, and the fact that in my Nyquil induced stupor I actually think you might care).

I think that maybe I have given you all more than enough random thoughts for now. I'm going to bed, and here's hoping I don't wake up with snot all over my damn pillow. Again. (Ew).

Edited to Add: Oh, so I just noticed that the theme for this week's Random Tuesday is suppose to be Awesome. So, talking about snot is awesome, right? Right! Goodnight!


    I feel that snot not living in your nasal cavities, not rattling in your chest and not being on your pillow. Colds suck. They should make Maragita flavored Nyquil. Hope you feel better.


    I'm sorry you don't feel well. Colds are crappy. :^(
    I also love banana chips.


    I like banana chips too, but I DO NOT like bananas.... I also love NyQuil! (sometimes a little too much. kidding!)


    Hoping you get well soon ..Take care of y'self ..


    Feel better !!


    Get well soon. I love banana chips too and that was an awesome use of the theme.