You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

I went to a CLASS today! A fitness class, at the gym. It was a spinning class, which is cycling. It was INSANE. I couldn't do most of the standing parts, I could barely keep up... in fact, I pretty much didn't keep up. It was 60 minutes of sweating and leg pain. It was also, quite literally, a pain in my butt. I don't think they could have made the seats on those bikes any more uncomfortable!!

It was fun though, they played really loud music and everyone was so nice. Plus, I had an old friend with me, so that helped.

Despite the fact that I really, really sucked at it, I'm still happy I went. Still feeling pretty proud of myself! I can't wait to try the kickboxing class! Another class where I will fall behind, look a fool, sweat butt off, and realize just how out of shape I am. Yes, I really am looking forward to it.

This stuff is hard, but worth it.

I'm noticing differences already. Small things. I'm sleeping better, much better. I all asleep earlier and stay asleep, and I can tell I'm sleeping well. My mood seems to be better. My headaches are almost completely gone, and I've recovered a lot from my first work out... I can now make it down the stairs without hobbling like an injured 105 year old lady.

I'm eating better, still haven't had any pop (or soda, depending on where you're from). Oh, and just to clarify... I am NOT giving up caffeine completely. Just the pop. I was drinking it all day, every day. I've replaced it with water! But, I'm still drinking my coffee. I will NOT give up my coffee!!! I'm pretty sure the horrible headaches were due to sugar withdrawal more than anything. That, and I have drastically cut back the caffeine, while not giving it up altogether. I am also making sure I get the coffee out of the way early in the day.

I've been less anxious, too.

i'm still planning on doing the couch to 5k program, but I am putting it on hold until the weather gets better. There really isn't anywhere for me to run safely right now. Too much snow, and ice, and slush. It just keeps snowing and snowing, and I am SO ready for summer.

I still can't believe how well I am doing with all of this. It isn't easy, but I'm still motivated and determined. It isn't even so much to lose weight, though that is a small part of it. I just want to be healthy. I want to have fun and be active, and feel good about myself.

Right now? I also want a hot bath. Filled with Epsom salts. Because Epsom salt is my new BFF.


    I'm so happy for you. I can hear the joy in your post. Keep up the good work and fun.
    It would be sad if we couldn't be the fool sometimes. ah epson salts, so relaxing.


    YOU ROCK!!! Keep up the good work. You are a lot braver then I am, I won't even attempt a spinning class.


    Thank you for the comment on my blog! Spin classes are GREAT exercise, but collapsing after one is not unheard of!

    The C25K plan is good--I've done it in the past. I finished it on the treadmill and then learned that treadmill running doesn't always translate into "real" running. I started it again recently, but then I found out I was pregnant and decided to stick to walking.


    i'm so proud of you and glad you can already see positive results...i love epsom salt baths myself...oh and your post title took me back in the day "...right round, like a record baby, right round, round, round..." soft cell?


    I'm so inspired by this post! This week I did two elliptical work outs, and tomorrow morning I have a yoga class bright and early (nothing says Sunday like a hot yoga class ;)

    Your post gives me hope because I have a lot of the same issues - the sleeping, the headaches. I need to give up my diet cokes after what's in the fridge is gone...

    You go girl :)


    Amen for Epsom salts! My last two baths had ES in them. Keep up the good work!