I don't know what my problem is lately. I don't know if it's because I am busy, or tired, or what. But I just can't seem to get into writing anything. I have nothing for you. Nothing interesting, nothing witty. Nothing.

I haven't even had time yet to catch up on all your blogs and lives and writings. Sorry for the lack of comments from me! I will be making my rounds soon, I'm sure. I have to get caught up!

The past few days, it's been like a chore having to take a picture and write in here. And that sucks, because I love blogging and taking pictures. I know this is just a phase, a dry spell, whatever you want to call it. Don't lose interest in me!



    I've got nothing to write. I've been sitting here for an embarrassingly long time, just STUCK. Looking at writing prompts and thinking and still being stuck.
    Anyway. I went to Shuttercal and started putting some of my pictures there, I really like it.


    Hang in there. I get this too. I have 5-6 posts that I started over the past month or two, where I just draw a complete blank.


    I found the same thing happening to me in December when I did Nablopomo the last time. I just didn't have enough subject material for every day. I am not always "on" as a writer. It is a great goal to accomplish, but by the last week of the month, my posts were all about "I am so glad this is almost over".
    And don't worry, we aren't going anywhere :)


    Sending energy to you. Be gentle with yourself. What would you do if you HAD to do something fun?


    I'm having the same trouble - but I can blame sick kids and no time. I have photos in the camera waiting for download, but I'm so busy making tea and checking on hurty tummies that I'm not able to sit and write.

    At the same time, I fear when I do find time to sit and write, I'll have absolutely nothing interesting to say.