Oh No....

It's 11:59!! I made it! I started typing this at 11:58. WHEW.

And this is the extent of my blog post for February 12th, 2010. Hey, I didn't blow NaBloPoMo. So GO ME!!


    I blew it EARLY. I'm not quite used to blogging yet and forget to schedule time in my day :( I'll get better though.


    I did this a couple of times during November's NaBloPoMo. Hey. you got a post in, right? That's all that matters. Quality can be reserved for future posts that are not last minute, right? Right!

    You rock, J-Mama. Keep writing! :)


    Hey, this totally counts! Nice work! I have a daily reminder in my calander to make me post everyday! So far it has worked, except for on Sundays when I'm not at work. (hence the lame superbowl sunday post on my blog...)


    Hahaha, the last minute posts! I've had several.