So Far, So Good!

I haven't had a smoke since 11:30 last night!

It isn't easy, but I'm wearing the patch and it could be worse.

The bad news? I had a major diet cheat. Movie Theater Popcorn. With BUTTER. And SNOCAPS. Yes, mixed in with the popcorn. Eeek.

I refuse to feel guilty about that, though. I have been doing really well and I am not going to let that stop me from continuing to do well. I am allowing myself to cheat once in a while. Once in a very LONG while. And today of all days, I deserved an indulgence.

We went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D today! It was SO amazing. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, and I LOVE Tim Burton, so double win! Maya loved it too. I can't get over how much the 3D technology has improved since I was a kid!

After we went grocery shopping and I stockpiled healthy food. And lots of veggies for when I need to snack. Oooh and my new favorite: Kashi TLC whole grain roasted veggie crackers with laughing cow light/reduced fat cheese spread in Garlic and Herb. SO YUMMY and guilt free (in moderation, of course).

Really looking forward to tomorrow. I am going to keep myself busy during the day with cleaning and laundry, and in the evening I will be hanging out with a good friend of mine, who is NOT a smoker! Yay! We're getting Sushi and then going to the kickboxing class!

Well, here's to the rest of day one. I can do this! One day at a time!


    I am so proud of you! I know how hard it is to quit smoking!


    It's weird to read this today considering I've been craving a cigarette so bad all day - and I quit almost 3 years ago.

    You can do it, Mama!


    Congratulations! You can do it! And it's great that you're writing about quitting smoking on your blog because you're going to get so much support. Keep it up!


    Good for you! I have been (mostly) smoke free for over 3 months now, my kryptonite is when I drink a lot.
    Superbowl sunday and Olympic Hockey Finals sunday were bad nights lol

    It gets easier as you go on though, just remember why you want to quit!


    So proud of you. You are making so many life changes and it will make a big difference!!!


    If you think you can , you can you go gurl ..i am sure you shall succeed :)
    all the best !!


    Great job girl!


    It is a wonderful thing that you are doing, not only for yourself, but for your daughter as well. Keep us updated on your progress :)


    Kudos to you. I applaud you being gentle with yourself and rewarding yourself. You are on your way. XD