I Suck. Then again, I don't.

So, I suck at reading and commenting on blogs, at least lately. Also, I suck at project 365, as I have failed that miserably. Such a shame, I went so long into it, too! Bah.

But, I don't suck at NaBlogPoMo, I don't suck at quitting smoking, and I don't suck at sticking to my new healthy lifestyle (for the most part).

So, go me, I guess!


    Yay. You have your priorities. I applaud you. You rock girl.


    You've made it one week now!! Woo Hooo! You don't suck at reading and commenting on blogs. Sometimes it's just hard. And I know I post about this from time to time or put comments about not being good at getting around to other's blogs. Most of the time I'm able to read a new post, but just don't have a damn thing to say at that point in time. I tell myself that I'll go back later, but then I never remember.


    You get involved in many things which is awesome. Don't guilt yourself for not being as active as you think you should be. I have a friend that says "Don't Should On Yourself." Read blogs and take pictures for fun, not for another item on your to do list. Great job on the smoking, the blogging and the being awesome!

    On March 16, 2010 at 1:15 AM Anonymous said...

    Yes, I am cheering for you too. (here's a little secret. I was an avid smoker for 8 long years, I haven't touched a cigarette for almost six years now!) It's true, the trick, surround yourself by non smokers.


    sounds like you've got your priorities right.


    You get involved in many things which is awesome.
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