365 photos | Days 59 - 63

On Sunday, we had some family over for a late lunch/early dinner. Including my adorable niece, Katie! She is 7 months old now, growing too fast because face it, don't they all? She's currently the only baby of the family, in a group of 6 cousins ranging in age from infant to 20 years old.

When Maya was 5, her and I made a paper mache rocket ship. She still ha it! A close up of the paint and sequins. Yes, rocket ships can have sequins, if you are a child - and a mommy - with a big imagination and a lot of creativity!

This is a door hanger on the doorknob of Maya's room. It doesn't really mean anything, as she never just chills in her room, wanting to be undisturbed. The kid has some sort of affliction with having her door closed at all, in fact. I'm sure this will change when she hits those pesky teen years.

Maya's bulletin board. This is where she hangs things that are important to her. Photos, like the one when she went rock climbing in Erie, Picture of her with her friends and family, her favorite zoo animals, pictures of important memories, her presidential fitness award from gym class, gymnastics ribbon, the adoption certificate for the endangered seal she "adopted" along with a picture, concert ticket stubs, hockey game ticket stubs, even her metro pass from when we went to D.C. And a lot more.

Maya loves to read! This is just a (very) small sampling of the books she owns. She has read soooo many books, a fact that makes me so proud! It's one of biggest weaknesses, too. I can never say no when she wants a new book. I think that's a good thing!

Last but not least, Are you on foursquare?? If so, let me know so we can be friends! I need friends!! My page is here, so go add me!


    But of course rockets have sequins! they need them for special sequin powered missions of top secretness. It's true.


    Oh the books! My kids have so many it's overwhelming.
    It love seeing the stuff kids hold onto. Tell Maya I still have my Metro passes from my trip to DC too! :)


    I can't say no to new books either :)