Holy Snow, Batman!

Before I get into my post for tonight, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to those reading my blog and for all of your comments! They mean a lot to me, I love the interaction and it's very uplifting and motivating to see them, read them. I've noticed a few questions and I have some answers, as well as some comments in response to some things said, and I will be addressing these things tomorrow! I haven't had much time for anything lately, looking forward to catching up on all my fave blogs tomorrow!

Now, this isn't going to much a post because A) I'm exhausted, not feeling too well, need sleep. And B) My brain is fried from reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Haha. So instead, I give you some photos.

Keep in mind when viewing these photos, that we still have a good 12 hours of snowstorm left. I just took these about 20 minutes ago.

My front porch:

My back door:

And now, I'm going to cuddle up under my nice, warm blankets and hope like hell the electricity doesn't go out in the middle of the night. Fellow Pittsburghers and People in the North East: Stay safe, and stay home if you can!!


    I'm in Missouri, we got *maybe* five inches. Since it was above freezing, the snow stuck, but immediately started melting. this leaves us with no fun slush. :^( Build a snowman for me!


    I'm in Indiana. We got somewhere between 6"-8" and they're suggesting we'll have more by Monday. It's so beautiful. I may take the kids on a walk around the neighborhood to take photos.


    I'm in Ohio and we got about a foot of snow! I'm thinking of becoming a snow bird and heading down south...


    The weather this year is crazy. We haven't had even close to that much snow where I am and normally we would have been the ones hit with it. Have a great time digging out! ;)


    still want an update on that book...looks like you'll have extra reading time with all that CRAZY snow! wow!


    still wondering how you could manage to open that back door,
    Thanks for your appreciative comments.
    Yep, I am always trying to put in something new and different in every post.