She's So Random

Day 3! I'm on Day 3, smoke free! Woo-hoo, go me! It hasn't been the easiest thing in the world, but not the hardest, either. I did have a problem with the patch yesterday, when I put the new one on I got all sweaty, dizzy, and nauseated. It was NOT fun. I rode it out, it passed in about 15 to 20 minutes, and no problems today. So, that's good.

I got a work out journal! It has a ton of info, I'm learning about WHY the changes I am making are good for me instead of just HOW to make them, the right way to work out, mixing cardio with strength training and flexibility, and everything you ever wanted to know about nutrition. And I can track EVERYTHING. I do mean EVERYTHING. For cardio you can track time, duration, calories burned, how you felt, energy level, depending on what you are doing you can track speed and distance, etc. For strength you keep track of muscles used, weight, reps, sets etc. There are sections for group fitness classes, yadda yadda yadda. And you track everything you eat, servings, calories, protein, carbs, fiber, etc. Oh, and water, and... more. It's very, um, thorough. And it came with STICKERS for when you meet your daily goals. Haha. Love it. It fits in my purse and I'm taking it with me everywhere!

My daughter is following The Iditarod for school. I think this is awesome! Each student picked a musher, and they are tracking their mushers through the race. Hers is Zack Steer, and he WAS in 45th place and last night we checked and he is in 5th! (Uh-Oh, I just checked and now he is in 12th place. She isn't going to be too happy, haha.) She was pretty excited. I love hearing her spout off facts that I didn't know, like that they travel for 1200 miles, where theyleave and where they go, she knows all kinds of cool facts. I love it. I was thinking it wuld be cool to try to figure how to somehow contact her musher, and ask if he would write her a letter all about his experience in the race. Wouldn't THAT be awesome? She would FREAK. Not sure how to go about doing that, though. I will have to do some research on that one!

Yep, So, that's my life in a nutshell right now. Head over to The UnMom for more Random Tuesday fun!


    GO YOU!! i quit smoking (with the patch) 7 months ago. nobody is more surprised than me that i actually did it. it wasn't so much "difficult" as UNCOMFORTABLE. breaking that hand to mouth habit was the hardest part. you're doing awesome!


    That planner sounds awesome!


    Your energy is bounding off the page. Keep up the good work!!


    Your lungs are dancing with the joy of it.
    Your new planner has all that plus it fits in your purse - wow.


    Hooray! on going this long. I think the first week is the hardest, and after that, it's not so bad. Reading about you quitting is giving me a little nudge every time. Seriously.
    This journal: where'd you get it? There's tons of stuff online, but that's not really convenient all the time.
    Again: You are awesome. You're progress is amazing. I'm so happy for you!


    So awesome that you are 3 days into the big quit! Keep up the good work!
    What a great idea, the planner that is, I'll have to pick one up!