Sometimes, I Think Too Much.

Crazy people, like the guy who flew the plane into the IRS building in Austin today... How is it that someone IS that nuts? Is it some kind of physical defect they are born with, is it something they know all along even if other people might not see it? Is it caused by some kind of outside factor, like the perfect storm of environmental circumstances? Is it a dormant thing, that they don't even realize is there until it's too late and they can't control themselves? Or can anyone just... snap? Like, something could short circuit in any of our brains at any time and just like that, we're on the news and people are gasping and shocked and questioning...

Such a sad, sad thing. His poor family, his poor daughter. And a miracle it wasn't worse than it was.


    I certainly don't think I'm capable of that level of reaction, but sometimes my temper does surprise me. I'm working on it, but... I wonder too what it takes to push someone that far.


    I think it is a sign of the times we are living in. Life is really difficult for some people right now. Desperate people do desperate things. It isn't an excuse, I think it is just what can happen when they lose all hope---have nothing to lose. I am frightened we may see more cases like this. It is sad.

    We live up the street from one of the two San Diego county schools that had school shootings. There were two separate shootings in two separate schools in 18 days. I still worry about my daughter going to the school there (she is 4, LOL). I know it is a good school, but you never know what is going on in people's heads.


    I can't even stand to watch the news anymore. It just breaks my heart every time. :(


    for better or for worse, i, like christie have opted to stop watching the news...i tend to think too much and over-analyze and over-connect things and figure i'll leave these reactions to those closest to me and have to let the news of the world (or even in my neighborhood) go...easier said than done, i know...


    What drives them to this? Hm... now that is a good question, and one that nobody really will ever know the answer to. I personally think it is along the lines of the perfect storm concept you mentioned. The exact right (or actually the exact wrong) mix of stress, hopelessness, anger, despair, and insanity all mixed into one crazy moment.
    We were also really surprised that it wasn't any worse than it was.


    I agree about the perfect storm mix. I look forward to someday when we will be able to prevent such things, like other diseases have been cured.
    Light to all concerned, which is all of us.


    Impossible to know...but I think they must be halfway off the deep end already to be able to do something like that.


    I guess we will never know....its just sad...deeply sad