I'm going to give this Random Tuesday thing a try. I love the idea of having an excuse to write something completely disjointed with no real rhyme or reason, no plot or flow, no real point. This is what I do best, after all!


First random thought. I have a secret, I LOVE Lady GaGa. LOVE her. This is coming from the girl who spent her adolescence - grew from child to woman - immersed in 90's alternative, grunge, and punk music. Nirvana, REM, Tori Amos, The Ramones, you get the picture. I was never a Britney fan, I never like rap or hip hop, I was almost a snob when it came to my music.

Now I'm 30, and LADY GAGA?? Really?? But, I can't help it. I like her. Sigh.

Another random thought. I need more coffee. and chocolate. CHOCOLOATE. COFFEE. And have I mentioned that I have the best husband in the whole, wide world? (Coffee, chocolate...). That random thought is brought to you by "I really hope my husband reads my blog..." ;)

I am on a ROLL with this random thought thing! Let's see, what next... oh yeah. Does anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with The Gilmore Girls? I have seen every episode ever, and yet I almost always watch the reruns on ABC Family. I love Lorelei. I want to BE Lorelei. It would be pretty awesome if my daughter turned out like Rory, although, I don't know who in my family would pay for her to go to yale... hmmm...

Last random thought. I will probably lose readers over this, I may even be banned from the internet for life, but here it goes, another shocking revelation... I am NOT watching LOST tonight. That's right. I have no interest, I have never seen a single episode, and I don't care. GASP. It's true, and I'm sorry. No, actually I'm not sorry.

This Random Tuesday thing was fun, let's do it again next week, shall we?


    I am also not watching Lost! Never watched it...not even once!


    I will probably lose readers over this, ........
    Nope, you have gained one.


    I have never watched Lost either... not a single time. Actually, other than a few favorites, like Family Guy, we don't watch much tv at all.


    1)i don't get gaga but more power to you in owning it. I was a closet N'Sync fan..and even *gulp* OTown. ick.

    2) love random tuesday and I plan to integrate this concept in my own webspew

    3) tv. Never saw lost. Obsess over Felicity reruns.

    happy tuesday


    Let's see, I don't watch Lost, Biggest Loser, American Idol, NCIS or pretty much any other show on television. I do however catch episodes of Glee on Hulu. ;)


    I'm laughing! I am randomly paying you a visit and you love Lady Gaga. I can't help but sing her songs all day...even though i posted about her yesterday in a not so nice way. Still can't help singing along with her though.

    Not a Lost fan...the only one on the planet. Oh well.

    Happy Random!


    LOVE it. I'm an old goth [not reformed, just OLD] and I love Lady Gaga too. I'm not that familiar with much of her music, but I can't not dance to Poker Face.

    And I shouldn't talk about Gilmore Girls. The entire family is hooked, but if we think it might be on, we'll surf through the guide channel until we find it.

    LOST is on tonight?


    I used to watch Lost, was FASCINATED by it. But I can only deal with being left hanging for so long. I completely lost interest, and solidly refuse to watch it.