And so, I blog again.

I used to blog ALL THE TIME. I had a mommy blog, a photo blog, a political blog, blah blah blah... now, I am just going to blog for me! A mish mash of everything, all here in one place. A place to express myself, vent my frustrations and fears, post my photos and network with my peers.

I am not fabulous and witty, like some of the more popular bloggers out there. I am not a top notch writer, and my life isn't even all that interesting. Everyone needs an outlet, so, this is mine. My little home on the net!

I look forward to browsing new blogs, joining some groups and oh how I missed all those photo memes!!

This blog needs a lot of work, things will be added and changed and so on and so forth... lots of work needs done, and I have to say, I am looking forward to it. I have some things going on in my life right now, and could use a little distraction.

I think now, I need... SLEEP!